Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to announce our next adventure which is a unique one indeed. We have been working on this with our post-rock masters POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM for couple of months and now the time has come to present their special tour across Czech Republic to you.

With ARALLU landing safe and sound in their homeland, Nuclear Desert Tour is officially over. Time to summarize, time to thank, time to remind you about coming events of MetalGate Booking.

As you know, Israeli barbarian desert horde ARALLU and Czech nuclear black metallers NAURRAKAR will join forces and set out on their Nuclear Desert Tour. Their mission is to spread destruction across the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Together with their carefully selected support acts we are about to witness nine outstanding evenings full of energy and pure mayhem.

Last year’s installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest brought music-wise, many strong performances. One of those was undeniably the show of the Mesopotamian black-thrash metal horde ARALLU that came from Jerusalem to present their Middle Eastern take on metal, which brought them rightful ovations.