After their successful show at MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2016, the Israeli based barbarian horde ARALLU is storming back to Europe with the intention to destroy all sacred places in the central Europe and leave nothing but proper black-death metal behind.


ARALLU is getting ready for a slaughter...


Our cooperation with ARALLU started with one brief internet review. Now more than a year after, we are ready to unleash them on their central Europe tour, which is about to present them especially in the Czech Republic, but rest assured that fans in Slovakia and Germany will not remain spared.

However ARALLU will not be touring alone. They will have a company of Czech black metal combo NAURRAKAR. These guys prefer topics about nuclear warfare and postapocalyptic world to those about barbaric slaughters and demons from the ancient worlds. Come and join them on a journey to a completly different world of nuclear winter.

Confirmed dates so far:

21. 4. 2017 – Prague, ExitUs (Czech Republic)
22. 4. 2017 – České Budějovice, Velbloud (Czech Republic)
23. 4. 2017 – Brno, Melodka (Czech Republic)
24. 4. 2017 – Bratislava, Randal (Slovakia)
25. 4. 2017 – TBA
26. 4. 2017 – TBA
27. 4. 2017 – Most, U Kaštanu (Czech Republic)
28. 4. 2017 – Leipzig, Moertelwerk  (Germany)
29. 4. 2017 – TBA

More information together with links to particular Facebook events will follow shortly.