Our post-rock / metal sensation POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM is working hard on its new effort called Manta. In the meantime, these guys also keep on rocking all over the Czech Republic. And you can be sure that there are more interesting news ahead. But we can´t wait no longer with this one - POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM are going to play Castle Party in Poland!

The festival, which takes place in the area of Bolków castle, is respected among the fans of gothic, dark electronic but also rock and metal. The headliners of this year edition - MY DYING BRIDE and TIAMAT - prove that beyond any doubt.

If you consider yourself a fan of dark romantic and you wish to experience the atmosphere of the biggest dark independent festival in central Europe on your own, you should find some time between 13th and 16th July and visit Castle Party. With our masters POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM you may have one more reason to go!

Be sure we keep you updated about Castle Party as well as about other news from PFA camp! Stay tuned!