Last year’s installment of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest brought music-wise, many strong performances. One of those was undeniably the show of the Mesopotamian black-thrash metal horde ARALLU that came from Jerusalem to present their Middle Eastern take on metal, which brought them rightful ovations.

Our post-rock / metal sensation POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM is working hard on its new effort called Manta. In the meantime, these guys also keep on rocking all over the Czech Republic. And you can be sure that there are more interesting news ahead. But we can´t wait no longer with this one - POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM are going to play Castle Party in Poland!

Last week we announced weekend minitour of our veterans TORTHARRY and SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION. These guys are going to play in Náchod and Prague (5th and 6th May) Plzeň and Temelín (12th and 13th May) and Luhačovice and Žilina (19th and 20th May). Moreover we promised to announce a special guest who is going to support them throughout the tour. Now the time has come to announce that the special guest is... INNERSPHERE!

TORTHARRY and SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION are one of the best known metal bands in the Czech Republic. If you know something about local metal scene, you probably have heard about them already. With their career spaning over two decades it is crystal clear that we could write long essays about their history. But let´s keep it simple and have a look at their activities during 2016. While SDOS released their seventh studio record „Simple“, TORTHARRY had a proper celebration of their 25 years. Apart from an anniversary gig, they released a boxed set where you can find all thier studio albums and much more.