After their successful show at MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2016, the Israeli based barbarian horde ARALLU is storming back to Europe with the intention to destroy all sacred places in the central Europe and leave nothing but proper black-death metal behind.

Dear friends, let us welcome you in 2017 through our youngest web section also. There´s been some time of silence, but now things are starting to move. Let us start by announcing a single gig of our youngsters MALLEPHYR who are going to destroy Club Q in Graz on 3rd February 2017. With the main act of the night - Austrian black metallers BLESSMON - and with local melodic death metal / metalcore band PEREMPTORY FORCE this is going to be a night full of energy. And you should not miss that!

AWRIZIS is a young band from Silesia and their addition into MetalGate Booking comes as no surprise as MetalGate Records has been working with their mastermind Marek "Frodys" Pytlik for couple of years - be it AWRIZIS or his other band POSTCARDS FROM ARKHAM. AWRIZIS play - according to their definitions - hybrid metal. What the hell is that? Let´s describe it as modern groove / death metal and core. And if you still cannot imagine what´s it all about, then go and check out their profile (by clicking the picture) and start listening!

Melodic blackened death metallers SECRET OF DARKNESS are celebrating their 11th anniversary. On this occasion they are also going to perform in Passau on 10th December, while supporting their friends from NOTHGARD.